My cat is the largest online feline-related community in Greece with an amazing loyal user base, since 2009. Our facebook page is a test case regarding online participation and engagement.


e-steki is our first community, launched in 2005, a diverge community where fans spend their time discussing almost about everything including human relationships, trends, politics, culture, art and philosophy.


iSchool is the largest and most vibrant educational community in Greece with an amazing user base with an age average of 25 years. iSchool represents junior, high school and university students and all the education community that embrace them.


Our Team

Dr. Evangelos Angelopoulos

Dr. Evangelos Angelopoulos is Fresset’s CEO and Business Development Director. He is a serial entrepreneur with a diverge curriculum and a broad knowledge base due to his educational background.

Evangelos S. Angelopoulos

Yannis Triantafyllou

Mr. Yiannis Triantafyllou is Director of Marketing and Communities and Fresset’s Commercial Strategist. He is also owner of TO ATOMO.


Athina Stai

Mrs. Athina Stai is our social media community manager.


Nicolas Minos

Mr. Nicolas Minos is our promotion and b2b sales specialist.